What is a naughty word coloring book and why are they so popular?

What is a naughty word coloring book and why are they so popular?
We have all colored some books at some point in our lives especially when we were small. Just the same way Kids coloring books are made, cuss word coloring books are made for adults coloring. They have illustrations which are designed in a way you can fill them with colors outlined with crayons, colored pencils, markers and other media. We even have online and coloring tools for digital books today.

naughty word coloring book
Difference between children and naughty coloring books
Children books are filled with juvenile themes and pictures fit just for kids. Instead of TV characters, super heroes and animals, naughty word coloring books are filled with more adulterated natured themes that contain nudity, profanity and as the term suggest naughty stories and statements. They may be specific and contain diverse themes like art, cars and so on but contain some naughty statements and pictures.
Why their popularity is high
A quarter of the top selling books on amazon are coloring books. Naughty coloring books form the majority of them. The major reason is connected to adult stress release and relaxation. Adults are more prone to daily pressure, and the coloring books, offer a relaxing and soothing experience for them to de-stress.
When to color
Most of the time, this activity is carried out after a hectic day when you feel that your mind is tired and blank. They bring back the nostalgia of the childhood activity offering a great momentary get away from the everyday hustle and bustle. They bring back the days when you were young but this time devoid of the childish characters like sponge bob.
They are also a great pastime for an adult which involves minimal commitment and it involves hands on activity with a thrill. It is a great way to unplug and get away from the daily stress of life and release tension.
How to color
The naughty word coloring books are no different from the ones we used when kids. So you can use crayons, colored pens, pencils, markers and any other coloring pens.
The use of colored pens and the back and forth shading involves the use of both sides of the brain which causes a calming effect because it makes the neutrons interact between the sides and in turn they shut down the front lobe which is responsible for organization.
You can also use computers to color being in the digital aid though some people still argue that computers are a bit soulless. Whichever the case, these coloring books help as a getaway from everything intense every day.

What is a naughty word coloring book and why are they so popular?


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